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Maintainer/home wanted for DDE (Debian Data Export / dde.debian.net)


The 'rapt-file' tool shipped in apt-file uses dde.debian.net to query for
filenames, obviating the need to download Contents files before you can
search. Unfortunately, dde.debian.net is down and we, the apt-file
maintainers, got reports that therefore, rapt-file has become useless.

I've talked briefly with Enrico, DDE's developer, and he indicated he
doesn't have time to bring it back to life. Therefore my question: is
there someone interested to bring this service back to Debian? There's
lots of information linked from https://wiki.debian.org/DDE.

If you are, please keep us, the apt-file maintainers, posted. Our only
alternative is probably to remove rapt-file from the package.


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