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Re: Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

On 17/08/2014 18:15, Clément Bœsch wrote:
- you leeching my work by leveraging git merge daily
Welcome to the wonderful world of Open Source Luca.
Sorry but no, definitely no.

While technically what ffmpeg does is allowed by the (L)GPL, it fundamentally goes against the spirit of Open Source. Open source is sharing a common goal, it is leaning about your interests with others, it is getting an important fix to something you overlooked, it is introducing new people to open development, it is understanding how things work, it is reaching high standards of code that closed source software will never dream of!

What ffmpeg does is not much different than a proprietary application, where all improvements are kept "secret" (as in they are not notified to the authors and are quite difficult to cherry pick due to the different tree structure) and then they are used as arguments to which software is better.

- you "contacting" whoever brings patches in Libav. (Keiji was not happy
to remember you and we got other people quietly asking what to do of it).
The politic of Libav to alienate contributors is also well developed:

10:44:01 < Xeta> Are the repositories for libavformat shared between ffmpeg and libav in any way?
10:44:26 < Xeta> I've nevery really understood the difference
10:44:27 <@lu_zero> Xeta: ffmpeg merges everything we do and then insult us calling us monkeys
10:44:43 < Xeta> Haha, i see
10:44:46 < Xeta> Bastards
I am sure this out of context quote will help relaxing the temper and improving the quality of the talks between the groups.
In the meantime, even if English is not my native language, these


do sound like recent insults to me.
As far as I can tell, the alleged alienation has solid grounds, the actual insults not so much.

Hopefully, things will only improve from here.

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