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How can I be informed about an open bug in my package?

Hi DD folks!

recently a bug has been opened against a package I maintain (debian science is the maintainer, while I'm the only uploader), but I did not notice with a mail, because:
A) I forgot to subscribe to debian-science archives
B) Even if subscribed I don't think I would have seen it, because the bug report doesn't mention the package name in the topic

"Please revert the latest Depends from python-qt4 | python-pyside to python-qt4 and python-pyside"

So I ask you, how can I be sure as uploader if a bug is open (or replied) against a package I care about?

Reading a ton of mail about other packages in debian-science, looking for the single one I (actually) care about seems not the best solution.

AFAICS there is a simple solution [1], is this the correct one?
I'm worrying if is the best one :)

thanks for reading,

[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/resources.html#pkg-tracking-system


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