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Re: [FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

On 10 August 2014 13:38, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 09, 2014 at 06:26:19PM +0100, Kieran Kunhya wrote:
> [...]
>> ... and was designed by a larger
>> group instead of libswresample which was basically one person (and
>> literally appeared in git out of nowhere).


There was no mailing list discussion and initial bugs had to be
discussed on ffmpeg-cvs. It appeared out of nowhere and there was no
discussion about the API. Many of the contributors were cleaning the
inline asm up or various other fixes or had worked on the original
resample code.

The comparison you make is highly misleading. On the other hand
libavresample was developed by consensus and the API discussed

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