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Re: Time to drop debcheck on optional/extra and arch:all?

On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 7:31 PM, Neil Williams wrote:

> Do we care about any distinction between optional and extra any longer?

I would say no we don't and suggest these steps:

Remove it from policy:


Get dak to override all extra packages to optional.

Drop extra handling from debcheck.

> There's also the issue of debcheck handling of Arch:all packages which
> depend on architecture-dependent packages with a limited set of
> architectures. It isn't helpful for the PTS to have "issues" reported
> about an Arch:all package on non-linux ports depending on a package
> which is only available on linux:any. It seems that debcheck is taking
> a very simplistic view of that and should really only report if an
> architecture-dependent package depends on a package which is not
> available on the same arch.

I think this illustrates a couple of minor deficiencies wrt Debian and
arch-independent packages. There isn't any way to have depends that
should be only for certain arches. There isn't any way to restrict
which arches list arch-independent packages in their package lists.



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