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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

 ❦  9 août 2014 15:13 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> :

>>> Did you perhaps suppress recommends?
>>> I have experienced this same issue when (for Debian-Parl deployment 
>>> at the European Parliament) I tried trim the system by avoiding gvfs.
>>> In my experience USB sticks auto-mount properly when gvfs is 
>>> installed.  Please try again - and don't suppress recommendations - 
>>> and file a bugreport if your issue persists, thank you.
>> A lighter alternative to gvfs is udisks-glue.
> Interesting!
> ...or so I thought - filed bug#757565, but after closer examination 
> closed that report again: maintainer+upstream of udisks-glue apparently 
> recommends to let that project die: See bug#750511.

Oh, that's unfortunate. But those alternatives to Gnome components are
difficult to maintain...
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