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Bug#756966: Stripped black and white background on activites page in Gnome after coming out of suspend.

On 08/08/14 04:33, Jk Pieka wrote:
> Before I do a reinstall. I will try the other catalyst driver that
> AMD offers. They also offer a 14.6 beta. I will give it a go this
> weekend and report back.

Unless you did some horrible things to your system, reinstalling might
not help. You can try the beta drivers and you can also try without the
closed source ATI drivers. Please give us an update if you do so.

On 09/08/14 04:48, Jk Pieka wrote:
> I found the fix to the problem. I ran the command..
> $ find /dev -group video
> Apparently this loads the kernel driver. I am not sure what this
> means to be honest. This fixes all of the graphics issues after
> coming out of suspend. Would you know where commands can be placed to
> be ran when coming out of suspend?

To be honest, I have no idea how was that command able to fix your
problem. 'find' only searches for files, so all that you did was running
a search inside a /dev directory (it contains the special device files).
Can you confirm that running it worked every single time?

Here [1] is a short tutorial that will explain what you need to do to
run it after each wake up.


[1] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1484156

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