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Re: [FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

2014-08-09 13:41 GMT+02:00 Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>:
> Quoting Bálint Réczey (2014-08-09 11:38:54)
>> XBMC works with Libav for most use-cases while it fails in the rest,
>> notably it can not use VDPAU acceleration which is being
>> (understandably) complained about very often (#742896). Another issue
>> is Libav crashing on bad input which makes XBMC/Libav unusable in PVR
>> configurations when signal is corrupted sometimes (#741170).
> Ok, so you  know factually that some things are broken when linking XBMC
> with Libav instead of XBMC-FFmpeg.
Well, it depends on the definition of factually. I could not test the
VDPAU issues myself. :-)

>> Upstream makes sure all their use-cases work well with FFmpeg and not
>> interested in Libav-related issues.
> According to XBMC, they only make sure their code works with
> XBMC-FFmpeg.
>> I can't fix the problems because I don't have any HW reproducing them,
>> and I don't get help from Libav upstream/maintainers either in fixing
>> those issues.
> That sounds to me like you do not factually know if XBMC will be broken
> also when linked against FFmeg (you only really know about XBMC-FFmpeg).
Since XBMC switched to vanilla FFmpeg from their internal fork I would
be really surprised if XBMC did not work with the proposed new FFmpeg
packages. -dmo packages are built with external FFmpeg, too...
If this test is a deal-breaker for accepting FFmpeg into experimental
I can provide binaries for testing but probably most curious DD-s
having the right HW would be able to test if my theory is right.

>> I would like to have flawlessly working XBMC in Debian as well, but it
>> can't happen without fixing the Libav issues I mentioned above or
>> letting FFmpeg entering Debian.
> I do understand how it is easier for you to link XBMC against FFmpeg
> than against Libav, since FFmpeg has similar/same API as XBMC-FFmpeg,
> but it seems to me that you are jumping to conclusions when stating that
> linking against (non-XBMC-)FFmpeg will make XBMC work "flawlessly".
I would say it is not a mathematically correct reasoning, but a strong
expectation supported by observations.
Prove me wrong if you really think I'm missing something, I will stand
corrected. I made falsifiable statements.

By "flawlessly" I mean very close to upstream's expectations and
specifically fixing VDPAU and PVR issues I mentioned earlier.


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