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Re: Why are the gcc-*-base packages priority:required?

On 2014-08-09 04:27 +0200, Theodore Ts'o wrote:

> Potentially stupid question --- why are the gcc-4.[789]-base packages
> have the priority required?  And what are they used for?

Providing the mandatory files under /usr/share/doc, all packages built
from the gcc-4.[789] source ship a symlink under /usr/share/doc.

> I'm fine-tuning a small kvm appliance (kvm-xfstests, as it happens), and
> I'm trying to keep the root file system as small as possible.  It
> appears that I can dpkg --purge the gcc-4.[789]-base packages with no
> ill effects.

The latest gcc-x.y-base has to be kept due to the dependency chain
libc6 → libgcc1 → gcc-x.y-base, but older packages can safely be


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