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Re: Multiarch capabilities for mingw crossbuilds too?

+++ Joerg Desch [2014-08-08 05:38 +0000]:
> Today I've read about Debians Multiarch capabilities for the first time. 
> Is it possible to use this technique to build deb packages of libraries 
> for the mingw crosscompile toolchain too?

In principle, yes. In practice right now, no. Stephen Kitt has looked
into this and gave a comprehensive talk at this year's mini-debconf
(But I can't find a URL as I'm not sure that Sylvestre has actually
uploaded them anywhere). I think this pdf is the slides though:

It has the potential to be exceedingly slick and remove a whole load
of packaging cruft we currently have to make windows/mingw-ready versions of

There is some discussion on this therad:

> I have to build Windows executables and therefore need some libraries. 
> For now, I build and install them locally. It would be fine to have a
> way just to apt-get install them.
> Any chance?

Yes, but it needs some work. I'm sure Stephen would love some help :-) 
I don't know if he's made any progress since feb.

The trickiest part is that, having demonstrated that this works, we
would have to change the definition of 'architecture independent' a
little to include 'posix/non-posix' which mostly means moving a lot of
libc stuff from arch-independent locations to arch-dependent
locations, and that might be a hard sell in Debian. It _should_ only
affect libc packaging, but work needs to be done to demonstrate
that. Everything else is straightforward, and indeed a simplification of the current state for any package that produces win32/64 libs.

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