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Re: Bugs which do not belong to console-setup

Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> (2014-08-07):
> Hi!
> I have two bugs reported against console-setup about keybord not working 
> properly under X Window.  In both cases I have asked the reportes to 
> provide the file /etc/default/keyboard and in both cases the file was 
> correct.  Therefore, the bugs are not related to console-setup in any 
> way.
> Unfortunately X Window and the various desktop environments are 
> something I don't understand well enough, so I have no idea where to 
> reassign these bugs.  In result, at the moment both bugs are completely 
> ignored.
> Please advise what should I do in such cases.
> The bugs are: 
> #709883 - reported 14 months ago and #724869 - reported 10 months ago.

As a general rule (and without looking at those particular bug reports),
back when I maintained X, I asked reporters to run a bare X session,
meaning without a display manager and without a desktop session. gdm3
(or whatever component behind, handling settings) has been the culprit
several times already, replacing the system settings with other settings
based on user language. (See #590534 for an old example.)

Comparing the output of "setxkbmap -print" from a bare X session and
from $desktop_environment is usually a nice place to start from.


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