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Re: Bug#753589: systemd: missing pre-dependencies for runlevel(8) etc.

On 04/08/14 09:32, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Quick summary of #753589 for debian-devel readers: Essential:yes packages are
> expected to provide their functionality while merely unpacked, even when
> not yet configured. The new init package is Essential:yes, and the
> functionality it represents includes sysvinit-compatible implementations
> of runlevel(8), shutdown(8), halt(8), telinit(8), poweroff(8) and reboot(8).
> At least runlevel(8) is actively used via invoke-rc.d in maintainer scripts,
> leading to #753589.

Upstart appears to have an equivalent bug, which I've just opened. It
looks as though upstart would need Pre-Depends on at least libnih1 and


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