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Re: packages using non-standard ports

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> syslog-nagios-bridge needs to listen on a TCP port for connections from
> rsyslogd or whatever
> To make it easy for users (fully automated installation), I can
> a) configure the package to listen on some port (I use 30514)
> b) deploy a file /etc/rsyslog.d/nagios-bridge.conf with the config for
> the same port
> Doing this, the service starts working as soon as the package is installed.
> Do people feel it is a good idea for packages to grab non-standard ports
> like this?

No, that seems like a bad idea.

How easily could you teach syslog-nagios-bridge to listen on a UNIX
domain socket, instead of or in addition to a TCP socket?  You could
then have it listen on /run/syslog-nagios-bridge by default, and have
rsyslog automatically forward messages there.

(Also, please consider providing a .socket file for systemd socket

- Josh Triplett

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