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PHP license: it seems that the issue still not over


On the old thread we had on debian-devel, I had the impression that
nobody opposed to my points of argumentation, that things from
pear.php.net were PHP, and have been considered as such by the FTP
masters, and therefore, were fine with PHP license 3.01. I thought the
FTP masters agreed with my view as well. Therefore, I closed the bugs
which Ondrej have opened, as I thought there was a consensus, and that
Ondrej also agreed.

It seems that I am wrong, and that the issue is still debated. Form this
bug entry:

I can read (message from Ondřej Surý):

> I did have a quite long and extensive chat with FTP Masters and our
> conclusion was that PHP License (any version) is suitable only for
> software that comes directly from "PHP Group", that basically means
> only PHP (src:php5) itself.

I first would like to apologies for closing these bugs. Maybe just
downgrading the severity (to avoid the autorm) was the correct thing to
do. In any case, I can revert what I did, if only there's a public
statement from the FTP masters about what should be done.

It is still not clear to me what the status of the debate is. I would
welcome a statement / status update from the FTP masters, and a public
debate (is there one already somewhere that I missed?).


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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