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Re: systemd now appears to be only possible init system in testing

Cameron Norman wrote:

>I noticed that not doing the libraries cause apt to try to upgrade them
>on dist-upgrade and do some weird operations like try to remove my
>current init system and install systemd-sysv or remove all of systemd,
>as well as NM and udisks and a lot of other packages.

FWIW, there¹⁴ is now a prevent-systemd-running package which only
Conflicts: live-config-systemd, systemd-cron, systemd-sysv, systemd-ui
and thus will keep all those packages you mentioned installed.
Since it is “Important: yes”, it probably²³ prevents APT from wanting
to upgrade those library packages.

① http://users.unixforge.de/~tglaser/debs/debidx.htm
  built from the “mirabilos-support” source package.

② I do not have prevent-systemd-running installed,
  only the harsher versions.

③ But the new contrib/prevent-nvidia-removal metapackage
  did prevent xserver-xorg-video-nvidia from being removed
  and let APT keep the older X.org installed instead of
  wishing to upgrade it, until non-free/nvidia-driver
  was updated, which is the same mechanism, so I’m positive
  that this will work for you.

④ Thanks to not only Wookey but also XTaran for contributing!


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