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Re: Bug#755676: general: Intermittent failure to mount partition [after hibernate?] with message "Transport endpoint is not connected"

On 22/07/14 10:58, Paul G Taylor wrote:
> The  /dev/sda2, NTSF formatted partition, is shared between RoboLinux, Windows
> XP and Windows XP virtualised in VirtualBox.

Not necessarily related to the error you reported (which I have no idea
about) but you should never allow VirtualBox to have raw filesystem
access to this filesystem (access via /dev/sda2 device node) at the same
time that it is mounted on /media/Data. If VirtualBox is accessing it
via /media/Data that's OK.

In an attempt to be clearer, this is OK (view in a monospace font):

Emulated XP
VirtualBox   other apps
     \        /
      v      v

but this is not:

Emulated XP  other apps
    |            |
    v            v
VirtualBox   /media/Data
     \        /
      v      v

If that's what you're doing, stop doing that; it can't work reliably.

Otherwise, this bug report does not have enough information to be useful
to a developer trying to find and fix this bug. The system log
(/var/log/syslog) around the time of failure might provide more hints as
to which component is failing to do something and why. Please contact a
support channel such as the debian-user mailing list
<https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/> or <http://ask.debian.net/> if
you are unsure how to find more information.


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