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Re: myth(?): places in the world where https is illegal? Re: people.debian.org will move from ravel to paradis and become HTTPS only

* Jacob Appelbaum <jacob@appelbaum.net>, 2014-07-21, 13:09:
I'm also curious - is there a Debian developer who will not use HTTPS but does use SSH to access servers?

Very unlikely, with or without the “but …” part. (But I'm afraid I don't understand what point you're trying to make.)

Is Debian still offering telnet services too?

I don't think so.

What other unsafe protocols are standard and in use?

Off the top of my head: e-mail, FTP, LDAP, IRC.
(assuming that “unsafe” means “with no (or nonmandatory) encryption”)

Jakub Wilk

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