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Re: Where to upload official OpenStack Debian images?

zigo@debian.org wrote:
>I've been maintaining "official" OpenStack Debian images within the HP
>cloud for about 6 months now. Though I've been requested a few times
>already where these could be downloaded. The thing is, due to the very
>nature of OpenStack, which is completely free software, it doesn't make
>much sense to have these images available only from one of the multiple
>cloud providers.
>So I would like to upload generated images somewhere. That somewhere
>must be the most official URL possible, and best would be, IMO, if the
>images were sent just right next to the ISO images for Debian [2], and
>distributed through our network of mirrors.
>Note that the images are prepared with software which are all in Debian
>Wheezy, and a bit within wheezy-backports. Indeed, I'm using the
>"openstack-debian-images" package for which I'm also upstream [1].
>How can I make this happen?
>Thomas Goirand (zigo)
>[1] The simple command is:
>build-openstack-debian-image -r wheezy
>[2] I contacted Steve McIntyre privately about it, but he didn't reply.

Bugger, sorry. Must have missed the mail totally. :-(

I think we could/should have space on cdimage etc. - how big are we

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