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Where to upload official OpenStack Debian images?


I've been maintaining "official" OpenStack Debian images within the HP
cloud for about 6 months now. Though I've been requested a few times
already where these could be downloaded. The thing is, due to the very
nature of OpenStack, which is completely free software, it doesn't make
much sense to have these images available only from one of the multiple
cloud providers.

So I would like to upload generated images somewhere. That somewhere
must be the most official URL possible, and best would be, IMO, if the
images were sent just right next to the ISO images for Debian [2], and
distributed through our network of mirrors.

Note that the images are prepared with software which are all in Debian
Wheezy, and a bit within wheezy-backports. Indeed, I'm using the
"openstack-debian-images" package for which I'm also upstream [1].

How can I make this happen?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

[1] The simple command is:
build-openstack-debian-image -r wheezy

[2] I contacted Steve McIntyre privately about it, but he didn't reply.

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