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Re: Java 9 dropping support for source/target level 1.5

Hi Emmanuel,

>Ok, but could you say it nicely please? I just came across this info and >brought it on the list for discussion because it'll impact us at some >point. So don't shoot the messenger. >Changing the source/target is often a trivial modification. I'm not >asking for actively updating all the Java packages, but just modifying >the packages a maintainer may come across. Considering the time it takes >to transition to a new Java release this will smooth the transition >process when we get serious about Java 9 post Jessie.

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank you for the whole work you did for debian in the past months.
When I first started contributing in debian (more than one year ago, pretty new here), I found some java packages that (in my opinion) were needing some care.
I tried to contribute a little bit for tomcat, tomcat-native, and did some uploads there (sponsored by some real java maintainers), fixing some bugs.

After that I found some new upstream releases not building anymore in debian and I couldn't figure out why (some missing build deps not in the archive, so I gave up without having the possibility to package new libraries here, and I focused more in my packages).

I silently start to see your work, and I really appreciated it from the beginning. You are a very active maintainer, and I'm really happy to see java better than it ever has been for debian (I don't want to offend anybody).
You offered your help and for some time we have been packaging the same stuff, after that I gave up because you are *so* superior in this java packaging.

For this reason I stopped contributing in pkg-java, and I'm glad to see now how the situation has improved with your help.

I'm really happy to see you there.

thanks again for your nice work,

Gianfranco >Emmanuel Bourg

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