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Re: Re: people.debian.org will move from ravel to paradis and become HTTPS only

Some sites (I mean, deployments) like to use a caching proxy, especially
if many machines use the same resource, and/or bandwidth is scarce.  Or
even just one machine accessing the same resource often.  Maybe this
won't apply to anything particular on people.d.o, but certainly a lot of
websites are breaking this recently by becoming HTTPS-only.

In the case of people.d.o I guess most issues will arise from clients
not having HTTPS support at all, or not being willing/able to follow a

I'm curious to know the rationale for shutting down HTTP access, because
if it is to generally protect web browsers doing web-based login and
using cookies, that would typically be covered by HSTS.  And the
privacy-concious may be using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on.

Steven Chamberlain

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