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Re: say goodbye to network-manager-strongswan?

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:06:06 +0200, Harald Dunkel wrote:

> > Especially if the NMU is properly done (eg documented in the BTS, uploaded to 
> > DELAYED-foo, etc) I've hardly seen any complaints in recent years.
> Surely I could have done better in providing a "clean"
> fix to #741415, making it more easy for the Debian folks
> to create an NMU. Sorry. I have included a real patch
> in the bug report today.

I think the reason was more that the bug was reported without a
severity, i.e. at severity "normal", and only later and not long ago
raised to grave by someone else. So it hasn't caught the attention of
people looking at RC bugs yet.

Anyway, problem solved with the NMU :)


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