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Re: Java 9 dropping support for source/target level 1.5

Le 15/07/2014 23:55, Matthias Klose a écrit :

> No. Don't do it. This is complete bullshit for Debian at this point.  We are
> trying to prepare a release, working on a possible update to Java 8, and we
> don't have the resources to work on Java 9 at this time.

Ok, but could you say it nicely please? I just came across this info and
brought it on the list for discussion because it'll impact us at some
point. So don't shoot the messenger.

Changing the source/target is often a trivial modification. I'm not
asking for actively updating all the Java packages, but just modifying
the packages a maintainer may come across. Considering the time it takes
to transition to a new Java release this will smooth the transition
process when we get serious about Java 9 post Jessie.

Emmanuel Bourg

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