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Re: possible MBF: automatically detecting unused build dependencies

Hi Johannes,

On Montag, 7. Juli 2014, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> About "systematically staying on top of those issues" I do not know how to
> proceed. I guess for that we would first need to know how many source
> packages depend on meta packages which are not completely empty (besides
> /usr/share/doc) and still silently fail and continue building with reduced
> features.
> I did not plan to run this script more often yet. I'll probably do another
> run after having added a detection for meta packages as suggested by you
> below.
> Running it more regularly might not require any big discussion because the
> "problem size" might be small enough that maintaining a white list would be
> enough.

I'd be happy to assist you getting it to run on jenkins.d.n, which is now a 15 
core / 30gb host, which can easily get a job configured testing this every 
three months (or whenever) on half the ressources or so....

Please read the existing documentation (about link etc) and ping me (best via 
(#)debian-qa) for further kickstarting help..!


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