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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

This thread seems to be discussing the wrong problems[1]. 

We currently have the problem that systemd is still not installed by
default by debootstrap, despite the tech ctte decision being made months
ago. It's not clear what the right solution to that is; should
debootstrap special-case systemd on linux arches, or should systemd's
priority be different on linux arches? (And can that even be done.)

We also currently have the problem that there's no upgrade procedure
that causes systemd to be installed by default. This is being handled
peicemeil by eg desktop dependencies, but not in general.

If these two problems were sorted out, there would be no reason for
anything much in the archive to depend on systemd, because it would be
guaranteed to be present on the systems it's supposed to be present on. 
And so those who don't want it would not need to worry about a stealth
installation of systemd.

I belive these two problems are also requirements to be fixed by the
next release. And putting them off until the last minute is going to
lose out on a lot of integration time. So all the energy in this thread
seems it could be more productively applied.

see shy jo

[1] With the exception of the subthread about pre-reboot issues after
    systemd is installed for the first time.

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