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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

On Wed, 2014-07-02 at 16:54 +0200, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> On 02/07/14 15:38, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> > Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> >> Wookey wrote:

> > But then, I did not upload them, and I do not oppose a name change.
> > Also, add the "Important: yes" header (and, obviously, remove the
> > Origin/Bugs headers that I put there for all packages in my own
> > repositories) to make apt DTRT. (Also, Section metapackages is
> > probably correct.)
> > 
> > prevent-systemd-{completely,installed,running} is a naming scheme
> > people would not disagree with, I hope? (Wookey knows the cut between
> > these three.)
> You have not yet explained why apt pinning is not enough. And if for some reason
> it's not enough, then that's what you need to fix. Surely we don't want 50000
> foo-must-die packages.

Independent of Thorstens answer I (and many with me) find it very
convenient to have these packages. And, there won't be 50 000
foo-must-die packages. There is no such controversy with other packages,
the ones I can think of might be prevent-gnome, prevent-network-manager,
prevent-pulseaudio, and perhaps a few more, not 50 000! And this one is
very important: systemd is default, not optional. Please upload these
packages, and please ftp-team allow the uploads (when the name issue is

Cc-ing the bug related to the stealth issue. Can somebody, being DM/DD
to be allowed to do that, bring this issue this to the CTTE if needed?

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