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Re: Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

I think that this would be an annoying waste of time for most users,
since only a few people care so much about not being tainted by systemd

I do not care being tainted by systemd when it works. Actually on two very different machines it means no audio for me.

On a NAS it means no boot(probably because of RAID10 fs in /etc/fstab), so I reverted it on all machines

Bug for pulse is open for a while but so far no change.

and BTW, rtkit does not work with systemd208, udsiks2 depends on libpam-systemd, and systemd-shim is incompatible with systemd-shim meaning usb key hotplus is now unavailable and rtkit also.

I think that as long as the transition is not smooth, whithout any religious conveiction, people will complain. For me, the forced transition was introduced too early

-- eric

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