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Re: so, systemd now and teh world still turns...

On 03/06/14 19:46, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> On Tue Jun 3 14:16:40 2014, Holger Levsen wrote:
>> currently all major desktops in jessie depend on 'systemd-sysv'
> Ouch...  really?  (Is it not just a glitch evaluating OR'd dependencies
> or something?)

I've taken a look in linux-amd64 sid and it is mostly true.

I agree none of these packages seem to be installable without bringing
in systemd and systemd-sysv:

gdm3 gnome-session gnome-shell gnome-core gnome
gnome-desktop-environment task-gnome-desktop razorqt sucrose-0.96
xfswitch-plugin mate-core mate-desktop-environment task-kde-desktop

kde-standard kde-plasma-desktop kde-plasma-netbook

But the following *are* installable without any systemd packages;
seemingly only if you specify --no-install-recommends for some reason:

kde-baseapps kde-runtime kde-workspace plasma-desktop
[I think that's all of task-kde-desktop except for udisks2]

Most notably installable without any systemd packages:

xfce4 task-xfce-desktop

(XFCE is a major desktop, it is the second most-popular behind GNOME)


It may be that piuparts prefers to bring in systemd sometimes, but the
dependency chain could still be satisfied some other way without it.

If you agree, could you pretty-please amend the false statement in your
blog post to at least mention XFCE does not depend on systemd?  Because
there is too much false information relating to systemd circulating
already (for or against it), and it being such a hot issue, that I think
we should be especially careful to avoid adding to it.

> I'd be interested to know the dependency chain leading
> up to this, in the hopes that at least one full desktop can be still
> available for non-systemd installs.

I notice gnome-session-bin recently gained a dependency on systemd libs;
 that may be significant for MATE, Cinnamon and other things.
Originally only the full gnome-session with gnome-shell and gdm3 needed

> It should be technically possible in time for release, because at least
> kfreebsd won't have it or any kind of substitute.

Steven Chamberlain

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