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Re: systemd patent fees - who pays?

Sebastian Feld <sebastian.n.feld@gmail.com> writes:

> Now that Redhat and Suse have been contacted by ORACLE regarding to
> licensing the SMF patents a question arises for Debian:

Have you read this:


in particular, point 3.

Having read that, I would suggest that either:

   your concerns are based on a concrete risk to Debian, in which case
   you should not be discussing them here if you have Debian's best
   interests at heart,

   or they have no basis in legal fact (I'm guessing that you're not a
   lawyer, as you didn't cite which jurisdiction you thought your
   assertion might apply, or any other salient details) in which case
   they don't really tell us anything.

Either way, they don't belong here.

Cheers, Phil.
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