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Re: Tired of my fellow SysV supporters

Dominik George <nik@naturalnet.de> writes:

> I think we all agree that the init system discussion is far away from
> what is good for the project, under any political andsocial aspect.

> I don't like systemd either, and I do not like the decision of the TC,
> but what annoys me most is the attitude of some (too many) of my fellow
> SysV supporters.

> I do not know how many of them are trolls, but the content I had to read
> on this mailing list in the last days is clearly intolerable.

> systemd, be it as one init system or as the only init system, will not
> make me leave Debian, but what I had to learn about parts of the
> community could easily do so.

Hi Dominik,

I think right now it's good to keep in mind that this discussion and
decision has drawn a great deal of media and Internet attention.  Quite a
few people are reading and following the discussion who haven't previously
been part of the Debian community.  A small handful of those people, as is
always the case when something draws a lot of Internet attention, have
decided to be angry and threatening.

If you skim through the project mailing lists at the moment, I think
you'll find that there are some fairly quiet discussions, largely among
ourselves, and some wild rants with only a few replies, almost entirely
from people whose addresses I've never seen on any project mailing list
before.  One person in particular is currently creating new throwaway
accounts at various free email providers to post violent threats and
invective-filled rants to various project mailing lists.  The best thing
to do with those is to recognize them for what they are -- an attempted
denial of service attack on project infrastructure -- and ignore them and
let the listmasters try to handle them as best we can.  Our open mailing
list discussion culture makes it moderately difficult for us to lock down
our lists entirely against someone who is willing to invest time in
creating numerous sock puppet accounts.  Some of it we just have to ride

Past experience says that the disruptive messages will die down, probably
in a day or two, as the news coverage drops off and people find something
else to go rant about.  Hopefully some of those who have discovered the
Debian community through all this coverage and have been reading and
responding thoughtfully will stick around and become part of our
community.  We're here for the long haul and we have a lot more
discussions to have.  I think the best thing for us to do right now is for
people who care strongly about the init system choice to consider options
for a GR, and for everyone else to just go about our regular work on the
project and let the noise die down.

Welcome to the receiving end of Internet celebrity!  It's always kind of

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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