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Re: Two line init.d scripts? Sure, that will work!

[Thomas Goirand]
> Well, you've been trying to reimplement OpenRC... with less
> features!  Don't bother, switch to OpenRC, and call it a day... :)

Actually, I am trying to reduce code duplication in /etc/init.d/ while
allowing package maintainers an easy way to stay compatible with
systemd, upstart, openrc, sysv-rc and file-rc, which to me is a
different problem than OpenRC try to solve. :)

Those that want to keep their current init.d script can do so without
any problems from this new approach whatsoever, so this is just an
option for those that want to move the task of writing init.d scripts
to me (or the ones maintaining init-d-script) instead of keeping it
for themselves. :)

> By the way, I forgot to mention: the shebang thing replacement was
> painful in OpenRC, so we recently made it so that we don't need to
> replace it by /bin/openrc-run (previously called "runscripts")... :)

Where can I read more about these problems.  One obvious and annoying
one is that 'sh -x /etc/init.d/script start' no longer work, making it
harder to debug the scripts, but that is the only one I have seen so

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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