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Re: Valve games for Debian Developers

Jo Shields dijo [Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 04:13:56PM +0000]:
> My specific process for this has been:
> * Create a new blank keyring
> * Install the most recent debian-keyring package from Unstable
> * Import debian-maintainers.gpg, debian-nonupload.gpg and debian-keyring.gpg
> * Wait a long time & hope for no thermal cutout
> * Run gpg --refresh-keys to pick up any new UIDs or signatures
> * Wait a long time & hope for no thermal cutout
> So to be absolutely clear: Debian Maintainers should feel welcome too, and in no way was the intention to belittle their contribution to the project.


Please note that we do *not* always upload a new package when we
update the keyring; if you want a more up-to-date version, you can
check out

That tree is *also* not the most up-to-date version; we do keep our
working tree not publically accessible, but the "push to the public
tree" part *is* part of our push-to-live workflow.

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