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translations.launchpad.net: how to get PO for updating Debian packages?


== Short version ==
I want to update PO files with Ubuntu site data.  So far no luck.  Help

== Long story ==
One of my packages got a translation bug report pointing me to:

 * I am the solo upstream and maintainer of im-config.
 * I only have Ubuntu access to read their Launchpad pages.

 (I even see my name listed under "By" without my knowledge.  It seems
 to happen often on Launchpad.  I do not mind listed as upstream but this
 makes me uneasy.  I do not even have any Japanese translation here but 
 it is listed 100% translated with my name.)

With login and e-mail (after resetting the forgotten password), I should
be able to get tar... but web page respond as:

| Not allowed here
| Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page or the information
| in this page is not shared with you.
| You are logged in as osamu.

So far no luck.  Sigh ...  I do not understand why readonly access is

Anyway, it seems plenty of PO files are there.  Packages seem to be
found as
(and select all translation.  You need to be logged in)

Is there any easy ways to get latest PO files from Ubuntu?

I have over 30 packages and going through awkward clicking is pain.  I
only need effective read-only quick access (hopefully with scripted
wget or dget like commands).  I just want as easy access as ones for
the patches and packages: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/im-config

If anyone have good idea, let me know.



PS: I also wonder if there is some generic script to update *.desktop
files using PO files.  I am about to make a local shell script hack
using xgettext.

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