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Bug#730871: general: Filesystem? Some problems with sizes of files.

On Sun, 01 Dec 2013 00:13:06 +0800
Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> wrote:

> If it was FAT32, then it wouldn't even accept files bigger than 2GB.
> That is by the way an information which we miss here: what kind of
> filesystem is on that flash medium?

Oh, by the way, the OP had this observation after copying failed:

> /dev/sdb1                                                 60G
> 4,1G 56G            7% /media/84D0-F52A
> (Only 4.1G of 60G is filled on /dev/sdb1 now).

Isn't this the 4GiB FAT32 limit (plus the file alocation overhead
accounting for another 0.1GiB) here?  That is, file copying might has
stopped just after hitting the max file size limit.

Regarding the original error messages (in Russian):

>root@home-desktop:~# cp backup272291.tar /media/84D0-F52A/
> cp: запись «/media/84D0-F52A/backup272291.tar»: Файл слишком велик

This one is "cp: write «...»: file is too large"

> cp: не удалось расширить «/media/84D0-F52A/backup272291.tar»: Файл
> слишком велик

This one inedded uses the verb "расширить" which does translate from
Russian as "to expand", and that what had deluded me into thinking
we're seeing a sparse file limit.
Might be a coreutils localization issue in fact.

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