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Re: Release sprint results - team changes, auto-rm and arch status

On 2013-11-28 21:04, Niels Thykier wrote:
> In this new and exciting update from your Debian Release Team...

Thanks for the updates!

> Architecture Status
> ===================
> ia64 causes us concern for the following reasons:

> We have stopped considering ia64 as a blocker for testing
> migration. This means that the out-of-date and uninstallability
> criteria on ia64 will not hold up transitions from unstable to testing
> for packages. It is expected that unless drastic improvement occurs,
> ia64 will be removed from testing on Friday 24th January 2014.

What is the correct way to handle FTBFS (or other RC) bugs that only
affect ia64 (and therefore will block migration):
* downgrade severity to non-RC?
* tag jessie-ignore?
* wait for 2014-01-24?
* ...

E.g. #650753


PS: I remember some recent discussion about arch or port
tags/pseudopackages/... that seems to have died without actions :-(

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