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Re: Subversion 1.8.4

>As you stated, there's a dependency on a new serf before subversion can
>be updated.  That is the reason subversion has not yet been updated.
>I hadn't updated the bug until recently because a) it's not an urgent
>problem that 1.8.x isn't in the archive yet and b) I've been rather
>with non-Debian events lately and have been focusing my time on more
>important issues.
>I talked to Peter about an updated serf package and he's looking into

Ok, thank you for the information! :-) so you're also svn maintainer?

Actually the subversion update also uncovered a bug in php in my case... i.e php fileinfo starts crashing in apache with loaded svn. Maybe that's not related to 1.8.4, but rather to newer libmagic and maybe it also can happen with older svn versions. The details and link to php upstream bug are in the same bug 725787...
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