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Please remove the libfontconfig NMU from the delayed incoming

Hi Michael,

as I've already explained, the horrible hack in your NMU would affect 
all packages using libfontconfig even though without a doubt the actual 
bug is in your package (xpdf).

And as I've already said, abusing the fact that the maintainers seem to 
be a bit inactive at the moment to force your change into the archive 
would be highly unfair.

And as I've already explained, there are two RC bugs open in 
libfontconfig that actually seem to be bugs in libfontconfig - and
they are not addressed at all in your NMU.

Please remove your NMU from the delayed incoming and wait for a 
maintainer decision on whether or not your ugly hack is acceptable.

Thanks in advance

BTW: And the worst part of your NMU hack would be that it removes the
     pressure to fix the bug in your package - forcing Debian to keep
     this hack that disables libptread usage in libfontconfig.
     And if any other library used by xpdf would link with libpthread,
     the same breakage in xpdf would anyway pop up again.


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