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Re: Bug#729660: ITP: xemacs21 -- highly customizable text editor

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> (2013-11-16):
> I have yet to see someone who does. I'm a long-time emacs user and so
> are many of other developers I work together with and everyone I know
> of who uses emacs as their primary editor doesn't use X11 support, you
> just don't need it in most cases. emacs is powerful through it's
> keyboard shortcuts and you are much more efficient and faster when
> using them as opposed to navigating through the menus with your mouse.

I'm always using Emacs under X and never with -nw. Now what?

(Also, your logic is flawed. Powerful keyboard shortcuts don't mean X11
users are clicking through menus…)

Please let people maintain packages they use. Even more so when they
apparently use them on a daily fashion. I'm pretty sure there is actual,
unmaintained junk in the archive to be gotten rid of.


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