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Re: Cross-directory hard links in Debian packages


On Fri, 15 Nov 2013 13:42:18 +0100
Andrew Shadura <andrew@shadura.me> wrote:

> > The tar file format supports hard links. Thus technically Debian
> > packages can contain hard links. A significant number of packages
> > including key packages such as bzip2, gzip, and ifupdown use this
> > technique. While same-directory hard links are an established
> > practise, the same is not so true for cross-directory hard links.

> Isn't there a mistake? I can't remember having hard links in ifupdown.

Huh, it seems you're right. Upon inspection, I've noticed ifdown is
hardlinked with ifup, and I have not a slightest idea why, as it was
supposed to be a symlink.


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