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wxwidgets 3.0

[A Cc on list replies would be appreciated.]

A few days ago wxwidgets 3.0.0 was officially released.  I've already
uploaded a package of it aimed at unstable, which is currently in NEW.

Meanwhile you can download source and amd64 binaries from here:


My hope is that we can remove wxwidgets2.8 before the jessie freeze
by either migrating packages to use 3.0, or removing them from Debian
(during the wx 2.6 to 2.8 transition, I noticed a number of packages
which appeared to have no maintainer either upstream or in Debian - for
any where that's still the case, I think removal should be seriously

I'll be at the mini-debcamp in Cambridge, UK at the end of this week
(14th and 15th November) and plan to make a start checking packages
with the new release.  I'd welcome local and/or remote assistance.

I'll track progress here:


Some important notes:

* The wxwidgets2.8 source package was actually based on wxPython (which
  includes an embedded copy of the C++ wxWidgets library sources), but
  the wxwidgets3.0 source package is just the C++ library.  There hasn't
  been an update of wxPython for 3.0 yet, and while I have managed to
  patch wxPython to work, it turned out to be quite a complex
  change and at this point waiting for wxPython and then
  packaging that as a separate source package seems better.  (I've sent
  upstream my patches in case they're useful).

* Upstream now enables their debug checks by default.  One consequence
  of this is that in 2.8, the -dbg packages were a version built with
  these checks on, and debug info, but in 3.0, the -dbg packages are
  just detached debug symbols.  The other is that code which misuses
  the wx API will now pop up warning dialogs, while previously the
  code would have quietly muddled through.  Overall sorting out such
  issues is good, but these dialogs are intrusive for users.  I suspect
  checking rebuilt packages and fixing such issues might be the biggest
  job in transitioning packages.  

* You should be able to co-install wx 2.8 and 3.0, so applications can
  switch independently of one another.  The only wrinkle is that
  currently the -i18n packages attempt to install the same files - I
  need to look at how we handled that for 2.6 and 2.8.

* The -doc package is temporarily gone in the 3.0 packages (upstream now
  release the docs as a separate download).


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