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Bug#728606: general: Keyboard shortcuts for Volume, keyboard backlight no longer work. Shortcut for brightness works, but OSD does not

Jonathan Dowland wrote (03 Nov 2013 14:44:49 GMT) :
> What desktop environment are you using: E.g., GNOME3, KDE, XFCE, LXDE…

> If GNOME 3, do you know whether you are using it in "normal" mode or 
> "classic" mode (aka fallback mode, sometimes)?

I experience exactly the same behavior on current sid with the "GNOME
with Xmonad" session. xev shows XF86AudioLowerVolume,
XF86MonBrightnessDown etc. events. I have verified in the GNOME
keybinding prefs that the correct keys are assigned.

GNOME maintainers, please reassign to the relevant component (I've no
idea which one it is in GNOME flashback 3.8, sorry) -- and many thanks
for maintaining the flashback session!

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