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Re: Potential issues for most ports (Was: Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info))

Op 05-11-13 20:40, Steven Chamberlain schreef:
> Would that be only for generic issues with a port, not specific to a
> package?  I doubt this would be used much.  These bugs might typically
> be reassigned to kernel packages or eglibc anyway.

Eventually, yes, but that doesn't matter.

Reassigning a bug means transferring the responsibility of fixing the
matter at hand to a different person (or group of people). If you're the
maintainer of a package which has a port-specific bug, you can currently
say so, but you can't reassign the bug to "the porters" if you think it
really isn't your fault.

After a porter has debugged it and figured out the fix, they will
probably reassign back to the original package, indeed, since they can't
do an upload. But that doesn't mean that in the mean time the bug wasn't
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