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Re: Potential issues for most ports (Was: Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info))

Op 05-11-13 19:50, Don Armstrong schreef:
> On Tue, 05 Nov 2013, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> On Tue, 05 Nov 2013, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>> In this regard; I am guilty of filing some those bugs without tagging
>>> them. Honestly, adding the tags get a bit in the way right now. If a
>>> package FTBFS on 4 architectures, I have to dig up 3-4 different
>>> usertags (with different "user") and associate it with the bug.
>> This sounds like a case where we should turn these usertags into fully
>> fledged tags. [Or alternatively, they should just be made usertags under
>> the debian-ports@lists.debian.org user or similar.]

Well, I did ask for the creation of port-specific tags back at debconf8
(if I'm not mistaken), but you told me to go for usertags instead ;-)

I still think such tags are a good idea, not only because it allows
porters to more easily figure out bugs specific to their architecture,
but also because it allows maintainers to better triage their bugs
(which is slightly more bothersome with a usertag that isn't linked to
your email address)

> I would also be OK with creating a pseudopackage as well as Ian suggested.
> [Or multiple pseudopackages.]
> Something like i386.ports.debian.org or similar would work, with each
> current port getting a pseudopackage, and the maintainer of the
> pseudopackage being the ports list.

Yes, I think that's a good idea; it would avoid issues where maintainers
are waiting on porters and vice versa, since the reassigning of a bug to
a port pseudopackage would make it clear who's waiting for whom.
Additionally, it would allow porters to have a todo list of things that
need to be done for their port but aren't specific to any one package
(or of which the root cause hasn't been found yet, e.g., "recently
compiled binaries segfault, but we don't know why yet")

If you're going down this road, I would appreciate it if ports listed on
debian-ports.org would also be getting pseudopackages.

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