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New ksh/ksh93 package, half the size, ten times the features!!!!

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From: ольга крыжановская <olga.kryzhanovska@gmail.com>
Date: 5 November 2013 02:15
Subject: astksh.2013-10-10 Debian prototype package
To: Oliver Kiddle <oliver@kiddle.eu>, Oliver Kiddle
<okiddle@yahoo.co.uk>, Cedric Blancher <cedric.blancher@gmail.com>,
Giovanni Rapagnani <giovanni@ideanet.be>, Phi Debian
<phi.debian@gmail.com>, WNPP Monitor <lucas@debian.org>

I have uploaded a prototype of the new ksh Debian package to

* Now working parts are:
- Despite being much more powerful, the binary package should be half
the size of the current 'unstable' Debian package size
- The shell is now stable, and we did not find a way to intentionally crash it
- POSIX builtins, which are fully compatible to GNU coreutils, are
enabled by default, as Sun did in Opensolaris PSARC/2006/550. This
brings ksh93 in parity with busybox, minus platform specific builtins,
like mount(1)
- The ksh93 test suite, now passes, minus bugs, which are generic on
all platforms
- We mostly pass the POSIX shell test suite, minus issues caused by
Debian Linux itself
- libast/libdll/libcmd/libsum/libshell.so.1 are shipped by default,
and go into lib, so that ksh can later be used to do the work of both
/bin/sh, and busybox
- AST localization utilities, are now shipped by default, so users can
generate their own localised shell scripts, using $"..." string
literals, in their own scripts
- Documentation is more complete

* Todo:
- Support more platforms, than just AMD64
- Find a mentor
- Integrate feed back
- Add a default /etc/ksh.kshrc
- Add binfmt support for compiled shell scripts from shcomp

$ openssl sha1 *
SHA1(ksh_93v-20131010-1.debian.tar.gz)= 2c9940a40d3cd0de7a11dc57d7f0150a494b21b7
SHA1(ksh_93v-20131010-1_amd64.deb)= 2ffb260c53852db1de6af536f05964ea4d56c7a2
SHA1(ksh_93v-20131010.orig.tar.gz)= 0b6b1100a282de622ee59c920f3f2f735806174f
$ openssl md5 *
MD5(ksh_93v-20131010-1.debian.tar.gz)= c642d5a59b89181f98b67e5b16536d27
MD5(ksh_93v-20131010-1_amd64.deb)= fcee4312fd7fd180305a07eb20df1054
MD5(ksh_93v-20131010.orig.tar.gz)= 97c74d2d07907a870f342f4063099711

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