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Re: Proposal: switch init system to systemd or upstart

Brian May wrote:

> As much as I would like to see systemd as the default in Debian (and
> have switched to it on my Desktops), I see two show stopper issues:
> * Needs to work (somehow) with other applications (including not in
> Debian) that need to manage cgroups. In Debian this would include lxc.

My understanding is that the _kernel_ side wants to change the cgroup
API, and this means that at least in the long term current cgroup-using
applications will need to change in any case (possibly by using systemd
APIs instead). I'm not familiar with the specific case of lxc, but I
really doubt systemd would make it unusable. Generally anything must
already work with systemd to be usable on several major distros, so it
should be a reasonably safe assumption that things will work.

> * See http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=721775, seems
> to have the systemd maintainers stuck.

To me that looks like a bug in old v44, which no maintainer is using any
more. Do you have reason to believe it would be relevant to current

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