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Re: let's split the systemd binary package

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 11:52:16AM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> > Simple question: logind is maintained, ConsoleKit is not. I have not
> > seen anyone raise this. Why?
> That one is easy. Both are written by the same predominantly mayor
> author and in some ways one project is superset of the other, and/or
> compete to provide same feature. It's not unreasonable for one author

That's not what I am after. XFCE without systemd relies on ConsoleKit.
ConsoleKit has not been developed for 1.5 years. That Debian strives for
supporting everything I understand. But getting into specifics:
- for non-Linux support on XFCE or GNOME you will have to rely on ConsoleKit
- ConsoleKit maintenance has not been picked up

Having an ideology of having things work across multiple kernels is
nice. But to get there, actual real maintenance needs to be picked up.
Simply said: whatever if offered as default better well work and be
maintained (note: please don't see this as "you should not switch to
XFCE"; I am purely after an answer on ConsoleKit).

I don't see this happening, at all. When the GNOME release team is asked
for a solution we make *concrete* decisions: use X, or Y or maybe try
and support both. If you want to influence these decisions, I want
something more than to a choice between something greatly supported
(logind) vs something abandoned (ConsoleKit).

Note that this is just one case. Aside from this case there are various
others. I've raised ConsoleKit as being an issue end of January 2012:
This on distributor-list, the way we communicate with anyone
distributing GNOME (distributions, *BSD). We raised this same issue
various times btw.

In this thread I continue to see people saying that we're forcing
things. :-(


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