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Re: s390 removed from jessie

On Wed, 16, Oct, 2013 at 11:42:47PM +0100, Steve McIntyre spoke thus..
> >Following the removal of s390 from jessie, we intend to complete the
> >process by removing it from sid this weekend.  If anyone has any
> >objection to this, please let us know as soon as possible.
> >As noted above by Julien, s390 has been replaced by s390x as of the
> >wheezy release.
> I have likewise removed s390 from the daily/weekly CD build config,
> and from the architecture lists in debian-cd. It will still be
> possible to build s390 stuff for a while, but we'll not be using or
> testing that code any more in sid/jessie.


We've removed s390 from unstable, experimental, buildd-unstable and
buildd-experimental.  It will vanish from existence at the next



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