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transition from radiusclient-ng -> freeradius-client, shared config file

Can anybody suggest how to share the radius client config file between
these two packages?

radiusclient-ng is deprecated

freeradius-client is the same code, but supported with some fixes from
the FreeRADIUS community

Both packages use the same config file and currently they are declared
to conflict with each other.

However, header locations are different, SONAMEs are different, so it
would be possible for them to exist concurrently on a system

Hopefully radiusclient-ng will not be part of the jessie release, but
may remain on systems as people upgrade

How should I ensure that people can keep both packages on the system
without getting errors about the config file when adding the new
package, but also ensure that fresh installs don't need to install the
old package to create the config file?

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