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Re: ports and multiarch

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 09:22:06PM +0000, Bill Allombert wrote:
> We should add official support for ppc64 and maybe sparc64 at least for use
> as a multiarch extension to ppc/sparc, even if we do not have time to make a full
> port. Otherwise the introduction of multiarch will likely result in a regression
> of functionnality on ppc system.
> Indeed, lib64* packages are superceded by multiarch and often are removed
> due to file conflict with the multi-arch equivalent. However this leads
> to a regression for nominally-32bit but 64bit-capable architectures that
> do not have a 64bit suit to draw from. 

I think a true 64 port may take the oxygen out of the 32 bit port,
potentially, which would be a shame for powerpc 32 bit users (G4,
like mac minis, powerbooks etc.). A multiarch solution would be
nicer for them imho.  Actually I wonder how many 32 bit powerpc
users there are compared to 64 bit. IN the mac world, I'd wager
more G4s than G5s (the mac pro or xserves), not sure about other
powerpc worlds.

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