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Help needed to debug a failing bot on i18n.debian.org

Hello fellow developers,

The i18n crowd needs your help.

In order to provide translators and teams with valuable material to
work, we have a few automated processes that are running on the
i18n.debian.org machine.

The source code for all this stuff is stored in

One of these processes is failing since September 6th and people who
had a look at this up to now (me and David Prévot) can't debug it.

This process, cronned under the debian-i18n role on i18n.debian.org is
aimed at extracting all translatable material from the archive (either
from unstable, or testing, etc.) and stored it in a way that it can be
processed by other automated tasks (such as the one building i18n
stats pages on http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n).

The script that fails is named cron/gen-material in the git repo. It
uses a configuration file that is stored in etc/dl10n.conf, still in
the repo. It calls a Perl script named dl10n-check (stored in the root
of the git repo)...which is the one
apparently failing with errors like:

Unable to open /srv/mirrors/debian//pool/main/3/3depict/3depict_0.0.13-1.debian.tar.gz at /home/debian-i18n/dl10n-check line 463
read() on closed filehandle GEN5 at /srv/i18n.debian.org//dl10n/git/lib/Debian/Pkg/Tar.pm line 176.

Of course, the said file *is* there and this file is not even the
first one that is processed by the script. If I tweak the script to
ignore this package, it fails a bit later on another package, and so

In short, it fails on *some* packages....and this is all we have. And
we're beyond our skills.

So, in short, we need fellow developers' help. Preferrably from people
who can access i18n.debian.org and work under the debian-i18n role in
order to test things as they are. In short, Debian developers who
would be granted that role(maybe the latter is not mandatory, dunno).

Is anyone willing to help us?


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